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Bank of North Carolina. The place to be...for all the right reasons.


The early 90's were turbulent times for a bank in its infancy. A recession, plus a Savings and Loan crisis, made it quite a challenge to sell the necessary shares and obtain regulatory approval to open the bank.

Five Steering Committee Members (who were later named members of the Board) saved the effort literally by making personal investments that were much larger than they had originally intended. This distinguished group consisted of Groome Fulton, Bob Burleson, Lenny Peters, Lloyd Higgins, and Carl Hoffman.

Dr. Peters continues to serve on our Board; Mr. Fulton, Dr. Higgins, Bob Burleson and Dr. Hoffman have since retired from the Board.

Bank of North Carolina greeted its first customers on December 3, 1991. The first wave of hiring added Rick Callicutt, Bonnie Murdock, Dixie McAdams, Janie Kennedy, Renee Murdock, and Ann Walker to the staff. These employees developed a great sense of team spirit as they offered a superb selection of banking services--from a doublewide trailer--while our current main office was under construction.

We moved to our permanent offices in the fall of 1992. Our operations department worked out of leased space up the street near the dry cleaner. Everyone wore several hats in those early days and teamwork was essential. So it was then, and so it is today.

We've come a long way since those early days, overcoming obstacles and sharing successes along the way. With banking offices throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, we're well established and highly regarded. Our primary focus has always been on hiring and keeping the best people, and always offering the most up-to-date banking products and services.

We're proud of our past. And we look forward to sharing our dynamic future with you.

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